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Identity Theft Recovery

Access to a US-based team of Fraud Resolution Specialists™ who work on your behalf to restore your stolen identity and repair your damaged credit reputation.

CLC ID Protect

Gives you unlimited access to a US-based team of Fraud Resolution Specialists who work relentlessly on your behalf to restore your stolen identity and repair your damaged credit reputation should you ever fall victim to identity theft. If you have a family package, your spouse and dependents will receive this coverage as well.


Unlimited Restoration & Recovery Services

We work with you to restore your credit and/or financial reputation should you ever fall victim to identity theft. Dedicated Fraud Resolution Specialists (FRS) will execute our proven restoration and recovery services, mitigating many of the costly steps required to properly dispute fraudulent debts as a result of identity theft, and documenting actions taken during the resolution/recovery process – including most required document preparation and submission. Your personal FRS will become the advocate on your behalf and professionally represent you with any involved entities, through a Limited Power of Attorney.


Family ID Recovery

If you have chosen family coverage, your immediate family members (spouse and dependents) are covered should any of them ever fall victim to identity theft. Depending on your coverage, your family will receive the same identity theft recovery services that you do.


Fraud Resolution Team

You have unlimited access to our team of Fraud Resolution Specialists. Each FRS is an experienced fraud representative and has been trained under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Each FRS is educated on and familiar with prohibited collection company activities under the Fair Debt Credit Protection Act (FDCPA). Additional certifications include Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist® and Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRR®).


Emergency Response Kit

Receive a step-by-step guide, should you ever fall victim to identity theft or a data breach. This kit is available at any time by contacting our FRS team.


Lost Wallet/Purse Assistance

Replacing items in your wallet or purse when they’re stolen or lost can be very stressful and time consuming. Our FRS team can assist you with the steps required to contact the financial institutions and/or to replace the missing items.


Financial Coaching Consultation

You are entitled to up to a sixty-minute telephone consultation with a Financial Coach at no cost. A Financial Coach can assist you with restoring and rehabilitating your credit reputation and financial status, which have been damaged as a result of an identity theft crisis or fraud. Coaches have undergone extensive training in this area and have acquired training under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Coaches are also trained under the Fair and Accurate Transactions Act (FACTA) in order to assist in a complete review and understanding of your credit report. Coaches are Certified Credit Counselors, in addition to holding certifications like CFP® Professional, Enrolled Agent, CPA, and Certified Credit Repair Specialist, and experience as former bankers and insurance professionals.


Legal Services

You are entitled to a free initial sixty-minute consultation with an attorney, concerning each new issue involving theft of your identity. After the initial consultation, the participating attorney may be retained at a preferred rate reduction of 25% off of the attorney’s standard hourly or fixed fee rates.


Tax Fraud Assistance

Through our staffed CPAs and Enrolled Agents, and via Power of Attorney, we are able to help victims of tax fraud by working directly on their behalf with the IRS. This is a premium feature you will be hard pressed to find from competitors offering identity theft protection services.


My Secure Advantage™ Financial Coaching Program

Finally, a program to help you save more and stress less. Members can receive financial coaching from the experts at My Secure Advantage™, Inc. (MSA). The financial wellness program provides education, guidance and counseling, and assists in determining the most appropriate way a member can handle their financial situation.

How Does It Work?

IDentityUSA is made up of three main services: ID Monitoring, ID Protection and ID Theft Recovery. Learn more about each service by clicking the links below.

ID Monitoring

Include continuous 24/7 credit, SSN and personal info monitoring with alerts that notify you of credit changes and suspicious activity.

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ID Protection

Email and text alerts to notify you of changes in your credit and possible suspicious activity involving your personal information, along with zero deductible identity theft insurance.

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ID Theft Recovery

Access to a US-based team of Fraud Resolution Specialists™ who work on your behalf to restore your stolen identity and repair your damaged credit reputation.

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Device Monitoring

Access to malware protection, antivirus and patented devices. Keystroke encryption software to protect your desktop and mobile.

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